Heaven and Hell? Do they really exist? What happens when we die? Is there life after death? 

These are questions many of us ponder over at some point in our lives. My two NDE’s (Near Death Experiences) that I write of in my book, threw me into the instantaneous reality of the absence of time and state of timelessness and the immediate knowledge of my eternal existence and destination.

Eternity does exist. Heaven and Hell are two very real kingdoms. We humans are spiritual-soulical beings with God’s gift of freedom to choose. Life verses death, Light verses darkness, Blessings verses curses, is our reality on this kingdom of Earth. The very choices we make, determine our destiny here and to which destination in eternity we will go.

This site, Climbing Into Eternity with its social links is the vehicle, and my book the driver. Thus allowing us to be able to explore, reason and grow in the revelation and perception of eternity and its two destinations.

My Descent in Hell and Flight to Heaven

“I died twice and came back to tell about it.”

Climbing Into Eternity gives a woman’s unforgettable personal account of dying twice and experiencing the “horrors of hell” and the “indescribable wonders of heaven”.

Climbing Into Eternity
My Descent in Hell and Flight to Heaven by Michele Pulford is a love story, a warning, and a picture of the reality of eternal life and the love of God that will never let us go.


This woman’s life story is amazing and her gained faith is something to behold! You can’t help but admire her strength and her faith! Everyone would benefit from her book!

– Amazon customer

About the Author

Michele Pulford

Michele Pulford’s maiden name, Michele Yvonne Aiken, is the author of CLIMBING INTO ETERNITY My Descent In Hell and Flight To Heaven.

Michele is married to Charles Pulford. They are proud South Africans and celebrated 31 good years of marriage in November 2019. They live their God-purposed lives in Mokopane, Limpopo. Together they have raised two amazingly strong, wonderful children.

Their son, Cyle-jay is happily married to Natasha and they have a precious son, Asher Ethan. They are building their God-purposed lives and dreams in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape.

Their daughter, Brontii-ann is currently living her God-purposed life in Johannesburg, Gauteng. She works in the hospitality industry growing her portfolio as God’s grace blesses her heart’s dreams and desires.


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